Interiors Special – Fairy lights that create magic

Lights can play a very important part in glamourizing our surroundings. They can add colour, drama and class. Having the right lights and lamps is essential for any room.
One such type of light which can add the unique touch are the fairy lights. Hang them on top of curtains, atop canisters on walls and it can create magic. Hang a classic painting beneath it to create the perfect aura.
Like droplets falling on a lazy, wintery morning with a dash of sun glowing – the effect can be mesmerising. A simple, doable idea with an impressionable effect!
Most of our memories of fairy lights are of walls clamoured with multi coloured bulbs on Diwali, marriages or child birth – a symbolic manifestation of happiness. Our houses would be alit with hundreds of such radiances. But what we are suggesting is to keep the effect permanent by getting them inside the house.
The novelty lies in transforming simple cans, canisters, mirrored bottles or look-through containers into pieces of art by glowing them up with fairy lights. Pair them up to your room design, colour coordinate with your decor or just dramatize a mundane setting – these lights can charm quickly and at an unbelievably low cost.
Some ideas we suggest –
– Got an antique lamp, a candle stand or a wall hanging which has lost its appeal? Use fairy lights to make them glow again.
– Brighten up a wall full of paintings, old family memoirs/photographs.
– Sprinkle strings of fairy lights in between planters and through the inside of your balcony. Create the magic for your eyes when you roll up your sheers and curtains.
Fairy lights are a low maintenance, high return add-on to your houses. Create stunning and alluring spaces for that personal touch.


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