Here’s how SpaceX mars city will look like: two cargo missions to fly off by 2022

The aerospace company, SpaceX hopes to land at least two cargo missions to Mars in merely five years from now.

During the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Australia, the company’s chief, Elon Musk discussed his plans on flying off the two cargo missions.

Mr Musk discussed how SpaceX intends to use the BFR, the massive rocket it’s developing, to fly Martian settlers to their new home and to make people travel anywhere on Earth in duration lesser than an hour.

In addition to landing two cargo missions on the red planet by 2022, it also hopes to be able to confirm sources of water and potential hazards by that time. SpaceX also plans to start building mining, power and life support infrastructure that year for the first time settlers so that they could arrive as soon as in the year 2024.

Musk even mentioned that SpaceX aims to take the first settlers in two crewed flights to the red planet by 2024. Their supplies will be loaded onto two separate cargo flights also slated to land within that year.

The first wave of settlers will have to set up the base to prepare for future waves who will work on expanding it further and terraforming their new home.

These are, however, ambitious goals; we could probably expect delays as SpaceX develops the technologies needed to make them happen.

But we wish that these goals are accomplished on time and we can see the people travel to the red planet soon!




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