The day the world celebrates coffee

We did not need another incentive to drink coffee, but starbucks being our fairy godmother brings to us a day where the caffeine addicts celebrate coffee all around the globe.

1st October, 2017 is going to be legendary when the masters of coffee take classes for us all, in the various outlets of Starbucks. The class will be for three hours, 4pm-7pm. They will not only teach us special ways to make coffee but will also conduct several exciting games.

Those three unforgettable hours will also introduce us to several stories of our coffee masters and will also give us an opportunity to share the same. The event will be accompanied by music, so what else do we need?!

Our lives are incomplete with coffee and music and also, starbucks. Give your Sunday a chance to relax and experience this exquisite combination and after a tiring week, you too deserve this break.

Oh and another good news, starbucks has introduced two classic handcrafted beverages, Salted caramel mocha and duo cocoa mocha!  We should say no more and let these drinks do all the talking now.

Pair your coffee with music and the tiramisu that is like no other.

Share your coffee stories and experiences with us and unleash the caffeine high in you!


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