The incredible story of a fighter pilot, try not to cry

War stories are all about courage and winning tales, but there are some stories which melt your heart and some instances which show humanity is still alive may it be a war zone.

Here is one story, Charlie Brown was a B-17 Flying Fortress pilot with the 379th Bomber Group at Kimbolton, England. In the war, the plane was terribly hit by flak and fighters. As their compass was damaged they were flying deep inside enemies territory. A German pilot named Franz Stigler was given the order to shoot down the B-17 plane which was now in the enemy territory.

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After coming near the plane to shoot, Stigler couldnt shoot it. In his words “He had seen a plane in such a bad state”. Instead of shooting it down, Franz waved to charlie to turn 180 degree and guided the plane towards England. When he returned back he told his CO that he shot down the plane and never told the truth. Charlie and his crew also told the whole thing in the briefing and were told to never tell it to anyone.

And after 40 years, at the reunion of the 379th Bomber, Stigler said” He didn’t had the courage to shoot those brave men and it would have been same like shooting a Man in a parachute.


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