Five apps that empowered content creation, social entertainment

New Delhi: In the recent past, a lot of emphasis has been placed on content, particularly in the social entertainment sector.

Content is crucial for any website or app to retain visitors. The design and graphics helps in making a good impression, but the reason why visitors keep using social entertainment apps is their innovative content. Therefore, to encourage visitors to use apps regularly, creators have to provide innovative content and let them engage and become contributors to the app.

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In this arena, here are five apps that use content to drive user engagement:

Pinterest: It is one of the most popular apps worldwide, providing a platform for sharing creative and innovative content. One can easily upload, save, sort and manage photographs, known as pins. On the basis of consumers’ demand, it has added a feature to zoom in and out on various pins, becoming the central hub of high-quality photos and videos of various ideas and products.

Instagram: An app that selfie lovers can vouch for, Instagram lets one upload pictures and videos using digital filters and add locations through geotags. It also has a feature ‘stories’ that allows one to add a story through photographs and videos that will auto-delete after 24 hours. Users can connect their Instagram account to other social media profiles enabling them to share photos to those profiles too.

Tumblr: Tumblr provides a platform to upload images, videos and post text in form of a short blog which could be searched using hashtags. One can make their blogs private and follow other users’ blogs too. It also has a feature to create GIFs to add a personalized touch.

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Flickr: An image and video hosting app that lets users share and embed personal photographs. One has the option to use it as cloud storage to save photographs, share them using amazing filters and interact with other people. It gives an opportunity to people to generate creative and innovative content.

Roposo: It enables one to upload photographs and videos according to their interest in user-generated channels like Gabru, Top-Notch, Musafir, Ha-Ha TV. The app provides a platform to people to express and connect freely with like-minded audiences, and showcase their talent. Users can share their lives with the world through interesting tweaks and become the creator as well as a consumer of content pertaining to your personal interests.


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