10 behaviours which each child & adult should display

In today’s volatile and changing time, it is imperative that parents, guardians and teachers expect a certain type of behavior from their children. However, these qualities will not appear by magic. They need to be cultivated and ingrained with constant talk, demonstration and empathy. Personal examples are key to success.

So, what are the top 10 behaviors that each child and adult alike should be considerate about. Let’s have a look.

  1. Boys and girls are equal – and both the genders need equal respect. Many times, parents are heard telling boys to respect only girls. This is wrong. This displays them to be a weaker gender. Respect is an important feature regardless of gender.

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  1. Its OK to makes mistake – Even adults make mistakes and it is completely fine. Till the time we learn from that wrong and figure out a way of not repeating it in the future. It’s important to learn from mistakes.  Don’t be afraid to own up.


  1. Knowledge more than grades – Unfortunately, our education system works on a grading system. Understand the logic behind each theory. Question and concentrate on knowledge intake. The grades will automatically follow. A good grade doesn’t always indicate good knowledge.


  1. Parents are not enemies – consider your family as friends. Mistakes happen because we shy away from discussing with the older members. Trust them to have your interest in mind.

  1. Put yourself in the others shoe – teasing and laughing at others’ mistakes will not just hurt the other person but also malign a friendship. Remember, tomorrow it can be you in that person’s situation. Would you like to be laughed at? If the answer is no, then we do not have the right to sneer at another friend too.


  1. Don’t do something for someone’s approval – Children think that popularity among friends is very important and they do their best to obtain it. This ends up in them taking unwise steps which they later repent. Think before acting. Don’t get lured. It does not prove your coolness. If you are confused, take the help of a senior/adult.

  1. Ask questions – Asking questions is absolutely normal. It’s better to ask a question than to pretend that you understand everything. Don’t be scared of being ridiculed. It’s better to ask rather than be naive and clueless.


  1. Environment is essential – We often complain about dirty streets and unkept compounds. Respect for nature has to start at home. Keep your room, study table, homes clean. This builds humility and tolerance.

  1. Say no – Very integral. Say no when its fundamentally against your ethics and thought process. Don’t be scared. Having a strong personality is better than obeying un-called for commands. The ability to say no will come handy as you grow up.


  1. Read the right books – books teach us a lot. Pick up good books, autobiographies of great personalities and read about what worked for them and what did not. Experiential learning always helps.


It’s in our hands to create our future. Let’s do it happily, rightfully and cohesively.


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