Visit Ontario for thrills or to be one with nature

Ontario is home to nearly 40 percent of the Canadian population and boasts at being one of the most diverse culturally.

Ottawa, Canada’s national and cultural capital and its largest city is 450 km from Toronto. It is home to the iconic Niagara Falls and is situated next to the country’s largest wine-growing region.

There are charming towns, historic settlements, a chance to go cruising in Saint Lawrence River’s Thousand Islands, as well as vast wilderness in the national and provincial parks like the much-loved, Algonquin.

Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario

Ontario is a celebration of diversity, from the Stratford Shakespeare Festival to the Toronto International Film Festival and RBC Ottawa Bluesfest. Here are some things you can do when you visit this beautiful city:

CN Tower 

Considered a Canadian landmark and one of the seven wonders of the modern world, the CN Tower has come to define Toronto’s skyline. At 1815 feet high, the tower is home to quality dining and adventure activities. Take an elevator up to the revolving 360 Restaurant for world-class dining. If you are not afraid of hights, this place can give you the ultimate high. Take a walk across the glass floor, 2.5 inches thick and 113 storeys above the ground!

CN Tower, Edgewalk

Need an even bigger thrill? Travel another 33 storeys to the SkyPod lookout. Still not enough? Strap on a harness, head outside, and walk along the building’s edge with nothing but air between you and the ground. EdgeWalk experience is not for the faint-hearted. This adrenaline-inducing activity is the world’s highest hands-free walk.

Niagara Falls 

Niagra Falls, Ontario

Niagara Falls are one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations and not for nothing. Niagara falls from a whopping height of approximately 13 storeys and is a spectacular sight to behold. It is the world’s second biggest waterfall with six million cubic feet of water cascading over its brink every minute. With theme parks, water parks, wax museums, a jetboat tour, the floral clock and more, Niagara Falls is a whole world of adventure waiting to be explored.

But, if you are not rushed, then you can always change the pace and enjoy the peace by sipping your way through some amazing award-winning wine and visiting some of Canada’s most significant historical sites such as, Queenston Heights and Niagara-on-the-Lake. Niagara offers an enormous range of attractions, both natural and man-made.

Niagara Falls offers a plethora of things to explore. You can don a rain poncho and go on a ‘Journey Behind the Falls’ or seek a helitour of the spectacular Falls. You are advised to head out to Hornblower Niagara Cruises to feel the exhilaration of getting close to one of the world’s greatest natural wonders.

11National Gallery of Canada

National Gallery of Canada

Located just a few meters from the Parliament Hill in downtown Ottawa, the National Gallery of Canada, a spectacular architectural landmark, is the country’s showcase of visual arts. Created in 1880, the National Gallery is one of Canada’s oldest national cultural institutions and offers both permanent collection as well as special exhibitions. The building was designed by the famous architect, Moshe Safdie. The works of renowned Canadian artists like, Tom Thomson, Emily Carr, Alex Colville, David Milne, Alfred Pellan, Elizabeth Wyn Wood and Jean-Paul Riopelle grace the walls and halls of the building.

1000 Islands 

The 1000 Islands area in eastern Ontario is an amazing experience. Explore the exquisite beauty of the mighty Saint Lawrence River on a cruise that winds past tree-clad isles, palatial waterfront homes and quaint island cottages. Sightseeing boat tours of various lengths are offered from several communities; choose from a one-hour cruise or longer lunch or dinner cruise.

Explore the palaces and palisades of 1000 Islands with Rockport Cruises. On your one-hour cruise, absorb yourself in the history and culture of the area, including a visit to Millionaire’s Row, home to both Boldt Castle and Casablanca.

Skywood is Ontario’s largest aerial adventure and zip line park set in the midst of UNESCO designated Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve. Set in the scenic 1000 Islands, Skywood offers outdoor enthusiasts a wide range of experiences such as zip lines, canopy tours, aerial games and more.

Inniskillin Winery 

Discover the secrets of icewine with Inniskillin’s Extreme Canadian Icewine Experience that is designed to tantalize your taste buds and awaken the wine connoisseur within you. Learn Inniskillin’s secret behind producing award-winning icewine as you indulge your curiosity and your palate with this truly unique wine adventure.

In the underground cellar, where historic icewines age, you’ll be treated to a private, structured wine tasting. A comparative tasting of their Riesling and Oak Vidal icewines, using a Riedel Vinum Extreme Icewine Glass, will transform your understanding of how the shape of a glass distinctly affects the aroma and taste of the wine. It’s a truly unique experience that relates to Inniskillin’s historical roots.

Wine tasting

When it comes to culture, cuisine and sophistication, Ontario is the go-to place in Canada. The province is global, progressive and urbane. It is a blazing metropolis, overflowing with multicultural arts, entertainment and countless ethnic dining experiences.

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