Time to work on the festive look

Hey folks, the yearly festive season is upon us and will last around a month now!

If that let loose little butterflies in your belly then hold your horses before breaking into dandiya.

Festivals are a great time to regroup your energies, enjoy with families and unwind. Since festivals also include lots of rituals and eating dos and don’ts it is easily possible to get tied-up in the kitchen and not get any time to take care of your health and skin. This is the time to show off your glowing skin and taut midriff after all.

Add to it the late night Ramleela watching, eating junk food from street stalls and using lot more make-up than usual in order to get the festive look everyday and night and it could become a nightmare of sorts.

Since festivals demand the very best of us in terms of looks because it is almost everyday that you are needed to make a public appearance, here are some hacks that will let you maintain a healthy glow on your face even as you hop from one pandal to another all day and binge eat sweets on top of that.

Homemade Masks

Since a lot is happening in the kitchen these days, we’d suggest to head to yours for beauty solutions. If you wake up to pimples in the morning thanks to hogging on junk food then lunge for the jar of besan. No, we are not asking you to make pakoras but, a face mask. Add some honey and squeeze a lemon to make a smooth pack and keep it on for at least 15 minutes or as long as it takes to dry up then, wash it off with lukewarm water. If you feel you don’t even have 15 minutes to spare, then use an ice cube from the fridge and rub it on the inflammations.

If dry skin is the issue, then use milk and honey instead of cream on your face before you turn in for the day. Never sleep with make-up on. Clean off the goop with cold milk and rose water no matter how late you return home.


Sunscreen is a must if you are planning on pandal hopping for afternoon bhog during Durga Puja. If you had forgotten in your hurry to avoid the rush and are now suffering sunburns, raid the fridge. Use an ice cube on the burnt surface and put on a pack of freshly pureed tomato and cucumber on your face, arms and neck. We’d suggest going off to sleep with the mash on. Your skin will thank you for it. In case of dark patches on the skin due to prolonged exposure, use potato peel on your face and any exposed part of your body it will take away the sting and lighten the skin tone as potato has bleaching quality.

Your best bet however is putting on sunscreen before you leave the house and maintain your daily skin care rituals including, CTM or cleansing, toning and moisturising.

Drink up

And by that we don’t mean you should tank up on cocktails! Carry a bottle of water with you and drink as much as you can. Ensure that you have at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday. Start your day with luke warm water spiked with a spoon of honey and a squeeze of lemon. It will help cleanse your body from inside of all the toxins that you consume eating street food. Keep off fizzy drinks and drink green tea to help you stay clean.

If your body is hydrated, you can happily throw out the dewy skin make-up because your skin will be naturally soft and glowing.


Easier said than done with the Ramleela and Durga Puja going on in full spree in the neighborhood. But, try to get eight hours of sleep everyday. Sleep is really essential for keeping you healthy and glowing. Our body not only relaxes but also goes on a repair mode when we sleep. So, take a break and sleep even if it means cutting happening Diwali parties short.


Agreed that between rushing to do last minute shopping, attending parties and pandal hopping there is hardly any time to breathe but, remember to exercise if you want that healthy look on your face and maintain your figure through the innumerable rounds of sweet gulping.

Just sweat it out before hitting the shower in the morning and try to squeeze in a 15 minutes meditation break before hitting the sack. It should do wonders to your skin and wellness including improving digestion.

Eat wisely

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If you want to look naturally beautiful everyday for a month then, think twice before stuffing your face with oily and sugary food everyday. If that is unavoidable then, grab fruits and vegetables in your diet at home. For example, have fruits and salads for breakfast and lunch. Avoid extra carbs or oil-rich food at home. When eating out decrease the portion size to feel light and healthy when you wake up.

If you follow these easy tips then, you may end up giving serious competition to the lighted diyas this Diwali.

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