Kannanthanam’s fuel price remark shows BJP’s arrogance: Congress

The Congress Party today slammed Cabinet Minister, Alphons Kannanthanam for his fuel price remark made yesterday. The Congress leaders said such irresponsible statements which ridicules the hardship of common man is unfortunate.

While trying to justify the consistent rise in fuel prices for which the Center has been facing a backlash, the Minister said, “Who owns a vehicle and can afford to pay for fuel; will have to pay.”

“Who buys petrol? Somebody who has a car, bike; certainly he is not starving. Somebody who can afford to pay, has to pay,” Kannanthanam told the media.

Congress leader, Ajay Maken said Kannanthanam’s statement was indicative of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders’ arrogance.

“This statement is very unfortunate. The way he is ridiculing common man, he doesn’t know the hardships that common persons face every day. This shows the high headedness and arrogance of the BJP leaders. This arrogance has put a screen over their eyes which does not let them see how people are making ends meet,” Maken said.

Congress leader, PL Punia also deplored Kannanthanam’s statement and said Cabinet Ministers should refrain from making such irresponsible remark.

“This is an insensible statement and Cabinet Ministers should not make such irresponsible remarks. This hike in fuel prices is not justifiable. When they were in the Opposition they used to come out on streets and make a hue and cry over fuel price hike but now they are making such statements,” he said.

The newly-inducted Union Minister, Alphons Kannanthanam said that those who can afford cars and bikes can also afford the fuel price hike.

He said that the government is working for the welfare of the downtrodden to ensure availability of electricity in every village, build houses and toilets, for which money is needed and the ruling dispensation is not stealing that money from anyone.

“We are imposing the taxes so that the poor have a dignified life. Money being collected today is not being stolen by us. It is going to cost enormous amount of money. So, we are going to tax people who can afford to pay,” he said.

The petrol and diesel prices have gone through the roof ever since the Central Government announced daily revision of fuel prices. Petrol prices in Delhi on Tuesday was at INR 70.38 per litre, whereas in Mumbai a litre of petrol costs INR 79.48.

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