What Moral Values should mean for today’s generation

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What Moral Values should mean for today’s generation

Teaching moral values is becoming a necessity in today’s times. As children, how do we understand, in the easiest manner, what is the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.  What is the best way for them to withstand the pains and stresses of life.

We have put together a referential list of behaviours that can help young minds develop emotional skills.

Share Love

Spend time with family, pets and friends. It is good to show love and compassion, makes us feel valued and brings positive thoughts in our mind. How about preparing a meal with mum, playing Lego with dad? Move beyond technology for a clearer mind.

Difficult Circumstances

Handle your triggers in challenges and think of how you would want to be treated in this kind of condition. Act accordingly. Create opportunities to do positive rather than negative.

Name your feeling

Recognise and understand when you are sad, happy, confused or irritated. Put it in words. A youngster who can do this successfully is able to empathize with others too.


Pat yourself when you do a good deed. Likewise, acknowledge friends too. Whether it is sharing a toy, telling the truth or helping.

Read the right stories

Stories with emotionally strong and positive messages should be read. Role playing can also help young kids express.


The ability to put ourselves in the others’ shoes. Think from the other persons perspective – would you like to be treated differently? The solution will come just from the thought.

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Caring and generosity

Children tend to be self-centred and preoccupied with their own needs and wants but with constant talking they can learn how good it can be to share things too. Discuss what you have done well with your family and let them know you thought differently.

 Find solutions

It is easy to run to parents for difficult issues. Sometimes, hold the need. Talk to friends/sibling with whom you have had a problem and figure out ways to end it. Get involved with family discussions about vacations, which car to buy or the dinner menu.

Its ok to make mistakes

The ability to keep trying in difficult challenges, increases confidence, responsibility, and healthy risk-taking. Patience to learn from mistakes is important.

Respect others

Never use derogatory terms when referring to other people, and don’t shout at, belittle, or criticize your friends. A child who can give respect, will receive it too.

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Be Honest

Build trust that come what may, you will speak the right thing. In the long run, this will not only hold you well but also take away harsh punishments.

Recap before sleeping

Recap one good deed and one not so good deed in the day with your family. Helps you decide what could be better ways of handling situations and gears you up for the next day.

Emotional handling is integral. If we can build on it from early on, it will not only make us better human beings but also happier in the future.


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