Alwar lynching: Clean chit given to all the accused named by dying Pehlu Khan

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Rajasthan HC cancels cow smuggling case against Pehlu Khan & sons

Alwar: In a drastic turn of events, all the accused in the Alwar lynching incident have all been given a clean chit by the police.

Hukum Chand, Navin Sharma, Jagmal Yadav, Om Prakash, Sudheer and Rahul Saini whom Pehlu Khan had named before his death after a mob of ‘Gau rakshaks’ had attacked him last year were all given a clean chit by a report submitted by CB-CID.

Last year Pehlu Khan, a dairy farmer was transporting his cattle to Haryana from Rajasthan where he had purchased it.

A mob of alleged Gau Rakshaks had attacked him at Alwar, in which Pehlu Khan was severely injured and succumbed to injuries two days later.

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Before his death Pehlu Khan had named the accused to the police and the investigation of the case against them was transferred to CB-CID last year.

Now as the report submitted by the investigation agency found the accused not guilty, Alwar Superintendent of Police Rahul Prakash on Thursday said that a reward of Rs 5,000 announced on each of the six accused was withdrawn.

The report is said to have taken into consideration the call records of the accused and the gaushala employees which proved whereabouts of their location that day which played a significant role in them being pronounced not guilty.

“We have withdrawn the reward against the six persons after an investigation by CB-CID into their role,” Prakash told media sources.
Irshad Khan, son of Pehlu Khan told media sources that the family wants another enquiry into the incidents, casting doubts at the nature of investigation carried out.

“This is a betrayal. We heard the names (of the accused) too. We will seek an inquiry again,” said Irshad.

Seven others who were not named by Pehlu Khan were arrested by the police of whom five have been granted bail. The case against them is said to continue.


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