The top 10 professions for travel-lovers

If you are the kind of person who wants to live for travel, then you surely wouldn’t mind travelling for a living. Here are the top 10 professions which will pay you and give you a chance to roam around the world for the same.
1. Archaeologist
Archaeologists are people who study human history and prehistory, by analysing artifacts and ancient architecture, and much more. They are like history-detectives. Not only is it a super interesting profession but it also gives one a chance to go to different, sometimes exotic parts of the world. Not just that, Archeology also has many diverse branches, which range from linguistics, art history, and anthropology, to geology and even chemistry. This profession could take you from Egypt in Africa to Machu Pichu in the Andes Mountains of Peru, the scope is really as vast as the size of Earth.
2. Event coordinator
If you are working as an event coordinator, whether as a freelancer or under a big firm, you can get a chance to travel to different places for organizing events, such as festivals, large-scale parties, award shows, and much more. The best part is that such grand events are almost definitely held at exotic locations, so every project assignment can become a probable part-time vacation.
3. Flight attendant
Even though tough working hours and lots and lots of requisite patience are two given checks on the repertoire of a flight attendant’s job profile, but the hard work definitely has its perks. You will get a chance to fly around and see different locations all around the world. Also, being in the same industry, you also get the bonus of free or cheap travel fairs for yourself as well as your family.
4. Travel Tour Guide

Visitor and Information Programs (VIP) tour guide Ryan Woodhouse leads a group of prospective students and their families past the Mosse Humanities building at the University of Wisconsin-Madison during a campus tour on May 4, 2007. ©UW-Madison University Communications 608/262-0067 Photo by: Jeff Miller Date: 05/07 File#: D200 digital camera frame 7184

Imagine being on a trip, where you’re the know it all of the group, and are directing your friends around, telling them the what and hows of the place, and the best places to eat at, and so on. Now just replace, friends with some random folks, and imagine being paid to do the same, travel, show off your knowledge, and chill. You don’t really have to imagine cause you can actually take up tour guiding as a profession, as it will give you the opportunity of going to cool tourist spots, and to explore more and more everytime.
5. Travel writer
Most travel writing is on a freelance basis, but some publications also offer positions to do the same. In either case, it is a profession with lots of growing interest, as the internet has opened ample opportune places to share your experiences or information at, and even more people who are willing to read it. It is fun, and it more or less runs on your own terms, as you can cover the widest ranges of experiences through it. Since it would be your travel story, so you can make it as exquisite as you want. How very cool is that!
6. Consultant
A consultant has specialised knowledge for fixing specific problems, and are therefore hired by different firms from a wide variety of fields, and a wide geographical presence. Not only are consultants respected highly, but they also get the perks of exploring a variety of places, that too on a business class ticket.
7. Cruise line worker
Cruise ships offer jobs for a variety of professions and talents, and are almost a dream gig for many travel lovers. You can serve in a restaurant, be an entertainer (dancer, singer, actor), or a clerk, and enjoy fine travel and an extraordinary scenic experience, while being on a floating resort, all at the same time.
8. Civil Servant
Though, not the easiest job to land on the list, but definitely one of the most prestigious, the civil services offer wide opportunities for travel, experiencing various cultures, while at the same time working for the noble cause of ameliorating the welfare of your country.
9. Journalist
Not an easy job, but definitely filled with distinctive experiences that only it can offer. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to simply touch and go from places, but wants to feel the very life of it, then you’re looking at the right job. Journalism takes you to the very core of matters, and it has many categories, such as politics, crime, lifestyle, etcetera etcetera. You may have to adapt to uncomfortable or even possibly dangerous situations, but well that’s the way of life, isn’t it? And it’s kind of worth it, with the good that comes with the work, and for any travel lover, it brings ample opportunities to see different sides and parts of the world, completely raw and untampered.
10. Diplomats
This is another high profile professional area, which can offer countless perks and travel opportunities, in return of, well yes you guessed it right, the skills of diplomacy. These diplomats together constitute the embassy of their nation in other nations and are representatives of their country. They handle matters ranging from arranging or checking visa applications, to negotiating treaties,and basically represent the policies and interests of their respective countries. Not just are diplomats treated with the utmost respect, but they also get plenty of opportunities and experience of travelling to and staying in varied locations and becoming a part of different cultures.


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