BMW introduces its faster electric i3 hot hatch

BMW has updated their electric hatch i3 and it is now faster and sportier. The updated BMW cub is fast and powerful than the erstwhile. The updated i3s can hit 0-100 km/hr under 7 seconds a and get to the top speed of 159 km/hr which is 9 more km than the previous i3.

There is modification done in the suspension setup with a 10mm ride height drop. The i3 has also the wheels are 40mm further apart at each axle for further handling improvements.

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The engine of the sportier i3 has the same battery capacity, however, there is a tweak in power which enhances the output from 168bhp to 181bhp.

BMW i3s is a pure EV (Electric Vehicle) that has a modest 200km range but for extra bucks, you can get a range enhancer with a tiny petrol engine powering the batteries when they run flat.

There is a marginal difference of about Euro 3000 between the normal and sportier version of the i3.



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