Weekend Shopping in Jodhpur @ Gurgaon!

Don’t miss the sidelanes when you are walking on busy Gurgaon roads. Let your eyes  catch the village-like setting of shops selling brightly-colored planters among other knick-nacks. A closer look will shock you.

Jodhpur Market, A stretch of discoveries right here in Gurgaon! Planters in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to unconventional ones shaped as frogs, pouty pigs, fish and snails scream to be picked up.

We decide to scan the entire street. And this is where we discover an amateur collector’s mini haven! A far cry from the planters-street tag!

It houses an entire range of furniture sourced from the bylanes of Jodhpur in Rajasthan. And before you start picturing ornate ‘barmer’ furniture (typical of the geographical mapping), the surprise factor pops in. Offbeat and abstract pieces of book shelves, trunks, mirrors, frames, cabinets, tables and plenty of knickknacks to adorn one’s house peep from various corners. This is ideal for the novae generation that wants uniqueness and drama in their contemporary house settings.

Bohemian cabinets drenched in distressed hues, photo frames which are sold at designer shops at triple the price, hooks and holders in idiosyncratic designs, bowl us over.

Intricate workmanship, beautiful colours, shining brightness and a price to die for gets you awed.

Overwhelming yet true! What a find!

To Do List

  • Enough cash, no cards accepted
  • Wear sneakers. It’s a 1 kilometer stretch
  • Arrive first thing in the morning opening hours – best time to bargain
  • Don’t stop when you think the market is over, keep walking – there’s more
  • Have patience. Remember to dive into even the most unappealing shops to dust out a masterpiece
  • Carry your quirky imagination

Quick picks

  • Trunks for flowers or wine displays
  • Tiny painted almirahs as towel holders
  • Bar stools for the perfect toast
  • Modern hooks for an arty look
  • Photo frames
  • Planters in animal shapes
  • Table tops

Have fun! By the way, the hookahs are beautiful.
Happy weekend!

How to reach

Opposite JalVayu Towers. Near IILM, Sector 56.

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