Seven things Indian travellers can learn from foreigner travellers

Seven things Indian travellers can learn from foreigner travellers

There is a substantial difference between the two terms traveller and tourist. Travellers from different parts of the world follow some instinctive formulas that have helped them to explore even the remotest places on the planet.

When it comes to travelling, Indians could surely get some great learning from foreigners. Here are few things which can come handy for the Indian travelling enthusiasts to follow.

Stay in hostels instead of hotels

The new concept of hostels has emerged around the globe mainly for the solo travellers. Hostels are not only cheaper than hotels but much more fun when it comes to meeting different travellers sharing the space. It also helps in exchanging ideas and learn about the different things which you could do on your trips, which is almost impossible to get from your same old tourist map.

Respect nature

Indians, unfortunately, shares a bad name for littering at public spaces. Some locals of the travel destinations have also admitted the fact that Indin tourists are always found throwing waste anywhere apart from the dustbin. Be it mountains of Himachal or beaches of Goa there is an acute problem of waste arising due to excessive flocking of tourists in the peak season. Most of the foreigners travelling in India can be seen taking proper care when it comes to throwing garbage. It’s one of the most important things to learn from the foreigners to respect the nature and become a responsible traveller keeping in mind to preserve the ecological balance of beautiful landscapes in the country.

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Travel well prepared

While Indians do not hold back when it comes to packing their backpacks with more than required clothes and gadgets like selfie sticks, however, packing your bag need much more. Foreigners are passionate about their adventure trips and their backpacks will mostly comprise of every essential item ranging from swiss army knife to flashlight.

Get friendly with locals

It is very important to get acquainted with the locals and have a friendly chat with them. It can do wonders for your trip as they are the best people to help you explore off beat places. They can also be helpful for your next trips in your favourite travel destination.

Understand and try to learn the local culture, dialect

Foreigners are always curious about learning new things when they travel to different places on the planet. There is a huge diversity in the terms of dialect, culture, tradition. The curiosity to learn will only enhance your capability in life which is one of the motives of the traveller.

Minimum expense on mode of transportation

Transportation is one of the main aspects of travelling. It is a very good choice if you do a bit rationing on your expenses when it comes to getting from one place to another. There is a huge price gap between different modes of transportation which can burn a massive hole in your pocket.

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Do not do scheduling of your trip

While people try to map their schedule on a daily basis, it’s almost impossible to follow that. The best way is to make a time frame for your trip. Wandering places should not be time bound but it should be about the distance and experience you get.



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