The world of innocence under threat

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The world of innocence under threat

Blue Whale Challenge claims another life

10-year-old raped by father

4 years old molested in school

Stalking on the rise

The last few days have been emotionally dampening. Blue Whale claims another life in Chennai. Children being molested, manhandled and abused by close family members, guardians and school staff. In short, people they thought will protect them.

News such as these is shocking, blood wrenching and chilling. The boundaries of human sensitivities tested beyond belief.

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For parents, this can be confusing. On one hand, they try to provide the best of education, hygiene, exposure to the world, over all development, care and warmth and on the other hand, all goes for a toss when the basic ingredient which they seek – protection from evil – is under question.

So, what is it that can be done. We have devised a few pointers to help. What can happen is beyond our imagination but we can be mindful of the precursors, the hints and the clues which come our way. Eventually what will work is communication in a free and trustworthy manner with our children.

  • As busy parents, we do not have time for small talk. But remember, a no to listen right now may completely bar the child to approach you for bigger issues.
  • Encourage them to talk about personal matters and bodily changes as they grow up. As much as you download information, it is imperative for the child to ask questions. They discover each day. Let them ask. Sometimes, this information helps them to decide what is right and what isn’t.
  • Know their friends. Not to sleuth their privacies but to understand the dynamics and the background of the networks they associate with.
  • Talk to them about good touch/bad touch. Depending upon the age, the terminology can be explained.
  • Don’t turn off uncomfortable news for lack of answers. In today’s circumstances, the more they know, the better. Gives them the understandability of what situations like these can be.
  • Know your child. Unfortunate experiences can happen. Look out for bodily changes, harm or emotional variations. These can be representative of a child’s inhibitions.

Remember, a child doesn’t need to molested or physically assaulted only. They can be bullied and teased too. As parents, every step is significant. They need hand holding, a patient ear and warmth of a solution.

Most times, a talk on a regular basis helps.

The world out there is turning animalistic and we need to gear up. Not as a scared species but one which can take charge, handle and provide.



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