Brexit talks unlikely to move on as UK seems ‘weak and divided’

British, Prime Minister, Theresa May, European Union, EU, Supreme Court
British, Prime Minister, Theresa May, European Union, EU, Supreme Court

London [U.K], Aug 31: The European ambassadors believe that the Brexit talks are unlikely to move on time, as planned earlier because the British government seems to be as weak, divided and unwilling to accept the full consequences of the decision to leave the European Union.

“It was the plan to advance to a new phase of negotiations in October,” Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut, Germany’s ambassador to France and previously chief European affairs adviser to the chancellor, Angela Merkel, told an audience in Paris on Tuesday, reported the Guardian.

“Honestly, from what we see of the UK’s positions today we will not be moving to the next phase in October. To be clear: the crisis in these talks is not behind us but ahead of us. I don’t know when it will come, or what its outcome will be,” he said.

Meyer-Landrut further said that London appear to be having “real difficulty in positioning itself collectively, as a government and a parliament, with regard to the substance of certain questions.”

As the third round of Brexit talks began in Brussels this week, UK is eager to move quickly on to discussing its future relationship with the bloc

Pierre Sellal, France’s ambassador to the EU said that UK can be seen “confused and hesitated”, while the remaining member states showed “clarity, unity … a certain degree of serenity”.

Sylvie Bermann, France’s outgoing ambassador to Britain, said despite the publication of number of policy documents of the UK, it IS “impossible to define clearly” Britain’s position on Brexit.

“Negotiations are ongoing, with no obvious progress at present, but uncertainties persist,” she said.

“The government is weakened. Ministers adopt very different positions to the prime minister and to their colleagues. There are a number of cabinet rivalries,” she added.


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