Seven tips for your next solo trip

Your usual leisure trips are mostly accompanied by your close buddies or sometimes your relatives and parents, however, the emerging concept of solo travelling is something that every travel enthusiast should try once, but solo travelling comes with some challenges for new travel enthusiasts. Sometimes solo travelling can do wonders if you try it for the first time. The feeling is very unusual and talking to yourself in the unknown environment will make you wonder a lot of things about yourself. While the trend of solo travelling is catching up, you should maintain a check list to make your journey safe and sound.

Carry proper identification cards during the trip

ID card is a must for any journey, be it driver’s license or any other government recognized identity cards. Right from the start to your journey, ID card is an important thing to have right from booking bus tickets to accommodation and even help others to recognize your identity in worst case scenarios, there is no one there of your own in your solo trips to identify you.

Carry proper medication along

You have to be super sure to carry your own basic medication and first aid as different topography, altitude may get you sick. It very difficult being solo to help yourself even if a small fever gets hold of you.

Keep essential gadgets with power backup

Gadgets are now the integral part of human being’s lives. It’s very important to keep in touch with your friends and family to ensure that you are not stuck in trouble.

Avoid getting over friendly with strangers

Solo travellers may find few strangers friendly and welcoming, still, it’s not a good decision to entirely throw on your trust. Although it’s rare, strangers do sometimes turn out to be fraudsters who can run away with all your stuff and money.

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Eat light and healthy

Food at different landscapes with different flavours may or may not suit your stomach, it’s better to stay away from local sauce and chutneys to keep your stomach in place.

Travel light with important essentials

Any experienced traveller could tell you that you don’t need a heavy backpack to make your journey pleasurable and hassle free, it’s just that you have to select between the important and less important things. Essentials for your backpack includes adequate clothes according to the place you are travelling, raincoat, flashlight, energy bar.

Keep your duration of solo trips short

Traveling alone for a longer duration will not only exhaust you, it will also burn a hole in your pocket. It’s very difficult to live all by yourself bearing all the expenses without anyone to club the money with, however, now hostel culture is emerging in famous tourist places which are meant especially for solo travellers.




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