Callous doctors fight in the middle of an operation, as patient suffers

Newborn dies in Jodhpur hospital after doctors start quarrelling in operation theatre

As a result of a heart quenching case of alleged negligence by the doctors, a child lost his life at the Umaid hospital in Jodhpur on Tuesday.

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In a video, the doctors can be seen quarrelling out loud and calling out names to each other in between a medical operation of the unconscious woman in the hospital ward.


Ultimately when one of the doctors-obstetrician finally delivered the baby after the drama, the newborn found to be dead. The quarrel is said to be started after the argument broke between the obstetrician Dr Nainwal and anaesthetists Dr Tak over the feeble heartbeat of the foetus. The relatives of the patient have started a protest against doctors negligence in the matter.

Both the doctors have been put on suspension, according to the officials and the investigation committee has been constituted to investigate the matter. Dr Nainwal has been called to Jaipur to provide clarifications on how the situation unfolded. Strict action is expected to be taken against both the doctors for the negligence.

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