Tips every seller should follow while doing business through social media

Business groups like Kraftly and Roposo have put forward some valuable suggestions that would guide a seller to do online business through social media platform.

CEO and founder, Kraftly, Sahil Goel says entrepreneurs should conduct thorough market and competition research before choosing the correct platform for their brand. This decision can single-handedly influence the success or failure of your business.

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He further said that the look and feel of a business page speak volume about the entrepreneur behind the screen and can help you garner the attention of the potential buyer.

“If you plan to sell on twitter, then choosing the right handle name (SEO worth) and an apt profile picture can proliferate engagement with the buyer,” said Goel.

He further added that listening to the customers and proper descriptive content on the product or service are two important pillars for any seller to practice business on social media.

“Besides create content for which people come back to your account, even without the intention of buying any products. Engage with customers through content that is relevant and informative, not always about your brand. This will not only help in building a brand which can be trusted but can also bring back potential customers to your platform,” he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Merchant Acquisition, Raposo, Abhishek Mitra stressed on quality images, increase in customer lifetime value and art of balancing.

Social media platforms are primarily visual mediums, and thus, posting attractive product stories becomes a cornerstone for the success of any online business. The first and the most important of all is to have a complete knowledge of the image dimensions that work for your choice of social media platform.

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Regular interaction helps to retarget them effectively every time. Another important part of building a brand is to take constant customer feedback. This will help you understand their likes and dislikes, which will in turn aid you to cater to your consumers in a much more optimal way, and will ensure that they come back to you time and again.

Content strategy can include creating look books, sharing your opinions about the current trends, sharing bits of information about your industry, sending out festive greetings, and sharing the happiness of reaching a milestone with your consumers.


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