‘Nothing is Impossible’: A man digs a pond for 27 year

We have always been told by our elders that “Nothing is Impossible” but we have seldom used it in our life that we set a goal and work for it.

Shyam Lal from Saja pahad village of Chattisgarh’s Koriya district is a perfect example of the above proverb. The village which was struggling from the problem of water shortage, it was then that a 15-year old boy took the responsibility of bringing water in his village. He identified a spot where water could be and started to dig with his spade.

The village always had a problem of water shortage and there was never enough water to serve the cattle and the people, this is when Shyam Lal decided to work and as expected he was mocked and was not helped by any village or the Government authority but this did not undermine his determination.

And after 27 year of hardwork, the village got a one acre 15-feet deep pond and the whole village is thank full to him. Now a 42-year old Shyam Lal is proud of his work and says ‘No one helped me in my work, neither the administration nor the villagers’.


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