Research finds the cure to flu in wine

If you love to consume a glass of red wine or a good black tea or a blueberry  cheesecake, then you may have shielded yourself from flu.

A recent study has found the remedy for flu – a combination of sore throat, fever, cough and stuffy nose – in red wine, black tea, and blueberries, reports Independent.

Scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine, who conducted the test on mice, explain that a compound called flavonoids found in such food products as red wine, black tea and blueberries can help gut bacteria fight infections and prevent severe influenza.

Ashley Steed, the study’s author, says that flavonoids help regulate the immune system to fight infections, by working with a particular gut micriobiome – clostridium.

“Flavonoids are common in our diets, so an important implication of our study is that it’s possible flavonoids work with gut microbes to protect us from flu and other viral infections. Obviously, we need to learn more, but our results are intriguing,” added Steed.

However, it’s not confirmed if the results hold true for people, as the study is yet to be carried out on humans with flu symptoms.

The study has been published in the journal ‘Science.’

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