Next Apple watch to have cellular support

Next Apple watch to have cellular support

The advent of the smartwatch has taken the tech geeks around the world by storm. Apple watch is now planning to break free from i Phone and the next gen watch will roll out with cellular networks, according to the sources.

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The network access in the new i Phone would be accessible with the help on LTE modems installed in the device which will be supplied by intel. The next gen Apple watch will reportedly be called ‘series 3’ which is scheduled to launch later this year.

The next gen Apple watches if comes with LTE, it will enable the users to download and use apps independently without the support of an i Phone. Apple is said to be in talks with Europe and American based companies to offer the new LTE connected watches, according to the reports.

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With LTE connection in Apple watches, it will surely break the smart wearables competition in the market.


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