Dialogue is the only way to resolve conflicts: Narendra Modi

Dialogue is the only way to resolve conflicts: Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi believes that the dialogue and debate are the only way to resolve conflicts. Giving reference to the ancient concept of ‘Tarka Shastra’, Prime Minister said that the healthy debate and discussions can help in exchanging views and solving conflicts.

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“As the inter-connected and interdependent world of 21st century battles a number of global challenges, from terrorism to climate change, I am confident that the solutions will be found through Asia’s oldest traditions of dialogue and debate,” he said.

He expressed his views in a video message to the 2nd edition of ‘Samvad- Global Initiative on Conflict Avoidance and Environment Consciousness’ held in Rangoon.

He emphasized on saying that the search for answers is always led by humanity from every civilization, religion and multiple streams of spirituality.

By giving the examples of Hindu deities, PM Modi said that upholding Dharma (Duty) has sustained Indians from ancient to modern times.

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He went on saying that Nature is what we should respect and consider to protect it from exploitation. Focusing on the environment he said, “harmonious environmental consciousness” is the need of the moment.


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