Animal activists launch petition to stop brutal dog fighting in Punjab

Animal activists launch petition to stop brutal dog fighting in Punjab

Activists have filed a petition named PLEASE STOP BRUTAL DOG BLOOD SPORT IN PUNJAB! in the online petition forum against the alleged ongoing practice of brutal dog fights taking place in the state of Punjab.

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According to the petition, investigation by an NGO named Fauna has revealed that the heinous sport involving furious blood thirsty dogs are organised at the plain sight in Punjab which results in gruesome deaths of the dogs.

The dog fight scene in the petition has been described as horrific where trained vicious dogs are confronted with each other in a blood ravaged fight where the contestants put a bet on the stronger dog, while the losing dogs are usually neglected and left dying after the affair.

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Several dogs loose their lives n the process of this gambling sport. The deaths are depicted as horror where dogs bleed to death after a blood mongering fight. The ruthless fights take place at secret locations where dogs bred and trained furiously for this illegal sports.

The petitioner Fauna Police and Friendicoes SECA urges the Punjab authorities to stop such act of human cruelty and has asked support from the people to sign the petition which will be delivered to DGP Punjab, Capt. Amarinder Singh (Chief Minister of Punjab), Kaptaan Singh Solanki (Governor of Punjab), and (Chief Secretary of Punjab) Karan Avtar Singh.


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