Jab Harry Met Sejal: Nothing happens!!!

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It’s the unoriginal story of latent romance developing between two strangers who get to spend time together and eventually realise that they are made for each other.

Rings a bell ? … obviously!

I don’t know why Imtiaz ( who has written the movie )had to stick to such an oh-seen-this-before kind of a plot.. that too when he’s already made a bench mark difficult to surpass (Jab we met) with similar story setting. I don’t believe our industry is short of writers or ideas. Its a pity film makers with amazing talent don’t t reach out to those.

Not that the trailers did not give an idea, but I expected and hoped the treatment to be new and the nuisances of the plot to create something good and beyond what we’ve seen before. But all that burden was left on ever reliable Shahrukh to carry on his shoulders .. and that he did well.

Anushka, the engaged Gujju girl meets Shahrukh,the tour guide from sadda Punjab and they embark on a journey through beautiful locations of Europe looking for her engagement ring.. And the inevitable or rather the much obvious happens. But may we ask Imtiaz,where are the highs,the lows, the tears, the fears,the passion ?Well .. there was some chemistry but not enough to keep us engaged or fall in love. I couldn’t help but miss Kareena and her effervescence, her innocence and her chemistry with Shahid, the fun, the humour and amazingly loveable movie that was.

The music too was just average(by Pritam) with one two good scores… but nothing great like Imtiaz’s earlier movies.

Speaking of performances , Shahrukh is amazing and almost single handedly carries the film on his shoulders. He truly has mastered that brooding and intense avatar of his and together with that romantic charm thrown in, he seems like a perfect combo his fans would swoon over. He looks his age..but something akin to well aged wine.
Anushka is great too.. as that bubbly and outspoken gujju girl with an almost perfect dialect. She never lacks when it comes to showing spark.
There were few crackling moments between Shahrukh and Anushka but alas Imtiaz plays safe like Barjatiyas and falls short of creating a flare.

There are hardly any other characters to speak of considering that the two stars occupy practically every frame.They are the only reasons people would want to see the film. In a way, Imtiaz has done injustice to their hard work. And in that light, I must say the film completely belongs to Shahrukh Anushka ..and the lovely locations (though we still love better that India road trip to Bhatinda and Himachal ).

But Imtiaz … U hv been a terrible disappointment. Was it u who gave us the likes of Rockstar, Jab we met, Tamasha, Love Aak Kal ? U had the King Khan this time.. for God’s sake !!!

Overall, the film can be a one time watch while strictly not expecting anything great.
Its a must watch for Shahrukh and Anushka fans.. they’ll get quite an eyeful.

Score 5 on 10 ( plus 1 solely for the lead stars)


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