JK Rowling apologizes for her latest anti-Trump Twitter rant

Famed author, JK Rowling has made no secret of her dislike of US President Donald Trump, often taking to Twitter to criticize the US president. However, Rowling has officially apologized for a recent sequence tweets where she accused President Trump of ignoring a wheelchair-bound physically handicapped 3-year-old boy.

JK Rowling made her criticisms based on a short video that showed President Trump seemingly ignore the 3-year-old Montgomery Weer. However, the complete official video released by the White House shows Trump speaking to the 3-year-old before delivering his statement on healthcare.

After Rowling’s tweets began trending, Montgomery’s mother pointed out that the author had misinterpreted the situation. Responding to this information, Rowling issued an apology on Twitter to the Montgomery and his family for any distress her comments may have caused them. SHe however, did not apologize to President Trump for her statements.


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