Chinese ‘hackers’ hijack Tesla Model X to control its brakes and doors remotely

Chinese 'hackers' hijack Tesla Model X to control its brakes and doors remotely

Elon Musk‘s Tesla electric cars are known as the master class in technology with cutting edge features. However, it looks like Chinese ‘hackers’ have an upper hand when it comes to overthrowing Model X technology and hacking it at their will. The hackers managed to hijack the car and control the brakes and doors remotely.

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This was not the first time when Tesla Model X was hacked, earlier, the same hackers who are Chinese security researchers took over the control of the car and controlled the falcon doors, music system, headlights remotely last year.

They managed to attack the car’s built-in web browser and using a combination of wi-fi and mobile phone cellular. The researchers managed to send malicious content via the connection to infect the system, enabling it to provide unauthorized access.

Luckily these hackers are researchers and their motive is to improve the security from cyber criminals. The white hat hackers said it was not easy to hack Tesla and it is not more vulnerable than any other production car.

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Tesla responded by claiming it “actively encourages” this type of research in order to better protect its vehicles.

The cars are no longer inaccessible to the hackers. In 2016, ‘hackers’ from the US were able to take control of a Jeep’s steering and braking.


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