Bollinger B1: Electric SUV with Old School All Terrain rugged charm

Bollinger, B1, Electric, Old School, SUV

Electric cars have broken all the stereotypes attached to it. Now some electric cars are capable of hitting a top speed of over 250km/hr. While car aficionados argue about the lack of grunt and presence of Electric SUV’s, Bolliger has an answer to it.

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Bollinger B1 is all electric vehicle with the old rugged SUV charm. The minimalistic futuristic design makes it stand out in the crowd.  The combined output stands at 360 BHP and over 641 Nm of torque with low kerb weight can not only make it capable of exploring mountains but the gigantic Bollinger can hit 100 Km mark in just 4.5 seconds.

All the axles of Bollinger are equipped with an electric motor and lockable differentials which make it an all time 4-wheel drive SUV. The Bollinger plans to roll out two versions of 60 kWh unit or a 100 kWh pack offering 190 and 320 km of range respectively.

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The car’s interiors match the old school look with minimum gadgets in a bid to make it look like straight out of the 60s. However, Bollinger is still not ready to roll out and is searching for a partner to make it production ready. The booking will be started at around $1000 and the final price is still not disclosed.


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