US imposes new ballistic missile sanctions on Iran

FILE PHOTO: Iranian-made Emad missile is displayed during a ceremony marking the 37th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, in Tehran

The United States on Friday imposed new sanctions on six Iranian companies, which it said are central to the Islamic Republic’s ballistic missile program, a day after Iran successfully launched a rocket-borne satellite into space.

The economic penalties are “in response to Iran’s continued provocative actions, such as yesterday’s launch of the Simorgh space launch vehicle”, the Treasury Department said.

The six Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group subsidiaries the agency called “central” to the Iranian missile program, are responsible for a range of components to Iran’s ballistic missile program, including the development of structural components, liquid-propellant, missile engines, guidance systems, research and ground control systems.

“These sanctions target key entities involved in Iran’s ballistic missile program, and underscore the United States’ deep concerns with Iran’s continued development and testing of ballistic missiles and other provocative behavior,” Fox News quoted Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin as saying.

The new sanctions i.e. the blacklisting of the companies come amid President Donald Trump administration’s continued deliberations on scrapping the 2015 accord with Iran and international powers over its nuclear program.

The International Atomic Energy Agency has repeatedly verified Iran is in compliance with the agreement but the Trump administration has maintained Tehran is in violation of its “spirit”.


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