This man needs your help Mr PM

This man needs your help Mr PM

According to the census 2011, more than 21 Million people living in India are suffering from one or the other kind of disabilities. The numbers itself exceeds more than the total population of some of the countries. In such situations, the government has taken steps to help the differently abled people by passing RPD (Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act) act 2016.

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While some of the differently abled people of the country manage to get jobs under disabled quota reserved for them, others are not lucky enough to land one. A picture was posted by a photojournalist on Facebook in Delhi which describes the helplessness of a disabled man when it comes to earning his daily bread. In the picture, Md. Wasim, polio stricken man in his mid-20s can be seen sitting near Lutyens Delhi sitting beside his specially designed scooter with a placard which says “I NEED JOB PLEASE HELP ME”. His decision to display his helplessness came out of his desperateness to be heard.

Md. Wasim a resident of East Delhi and a son of a vegetable vendor said: “I have applied in various places to work in the desk job in private firms, but after getting through the first round of the process, at last, I always faced disappointment due to my disability”.

Md Wasim has completed his secondary school with first class grades.

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In the times of quick response in the current form of government departments after the shift towards digitalization, he is hopeful that his voice could reach the concern authorities. He needs a desperate help from the government to counter his present financial conditions.


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