Bengaluru ranks 40th among top 50 global cities for women entrepreneurs

Bengaluru City

According to the annual Women Entrepreneur Cities Index by Dell, India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru has been ranked 40th among the top 50 global cities that foster high-potential women entrepreneurs. Delhi is the only other Indian city, ranked 49 in the report by Dell.

The study ranked cities based on the city’s ability to attract and foster growth of women-owned firms. The study also looked at the impact of local policies, programmes, and characteristics of cities as well the national laws and customs.

The report found that globally entrepreneurship among women was growing by more than 10 per cent each year. Even so, financial, cultural, and political barriers are seen as obstacles preventing women from achieving success in their businesses.

New York was ranked the best place for women entrepreneurs followed by San Francisco, London, Boston, and Stockholm. Only Singapore ranked in the top 10 from the Asia Pacific region, being ranked at 8th overall.


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