Apple paid Nokia $2 billion as part of lawsuit settlement terms

The patents row between Apple and Nokia that was settled in May this year has led to Apple paying $2 billion in cash to Nokia as part of the settlement terms of the lawsuit.

According to the terms, the payment is a non-recurring catch-up revenue and Apple will be expected to continue to pay the license fees at a reduced price going forward.

Nokia had directly filed a lawsuit against Apple after the Cupertino-based company filed an antitrust lawsuit against third-party Patent Assertion Entities affiliated to Nokia. Nokia directly filed its lawsuit against Apple in Europe and US stating that Apple was infringing on Nokia’s patents. A total of 32 patents were included in the lawsuit. The patents included display, user interface, and software technology.

Apple’s settlement with Nokia is indicative of Apple trying to avoid another protracted legal battle over patents with a tech rival after it lost the numerous legal battles against smartphone rival Samsung. The settlement will allow Apple to use Nokia’s patented technology.


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