DJUBO partners with i2e1 to make wi-fi management easy

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DJUBO partners with i2e1 to make wi-fi management easy

New Delhi: DJUBO, a SAAS platform for hotels launched another initiative in partnership with i2e1, a Wi-Fi management platform – the DJUBO MarketPlace, which is a curated selection of products and services integrated with DJUBO.

With the partnership between DJUBO and i2e1, DJUBO client hotels can now control or block pornographic content, block heavy streaming websites, prevent their Wi-Fi misuse due to password theft, block unwanted staff users, allow limited Wi-Fi to non-room guests, throttle bandwidth allocation and equally distribute it among guests and to top it all allow seamless Wi-Fi connectivity to guests who are already checked in through DJUBO’s platform.

A major issue this partnership solves for hotels is that providing public Wi-Fi without verification of users is legally non-compliant as per TRAI norms. This allows the hotels to ensure that they follow legal requirements for public Wi-Fi as well.

“DJUBO Marketplace is an effort to evolve and trigger innovation in the hotel tech ecosystem by providing cutting edge products and services to DJUBO’s client hotels through integrations with DJUBO’s core product offerings for hotels. i2e1 is one such company that solves seamless Wi-Fi management for hotels to enable superior guest experience,” said AVP Sales and Marketing at DJUBO, Rajan Nanda.

“Seamless Wi-Fi at the hotel is the top ask from travelers and guests. It has direct impact on customer experience and feedback. Hotels with good Wi-Fi experience get 30 percent higher rating compared to those without it. However, there has not been a product which could cater to the growing demand of hoteliers. It required a futuristic solution with best in class technology and affordable price point. This partnership brings all these and much more” added co-founder of i2e1, Gaurav Bansal.


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