Delhi cop flashes in front of women constables; touches them improperly

In what could be the worst scenario, this Delhi cop after getting drunk flashed in front of a woman colleague at the police training college. The incident which took place on Saturday night at the training college in Jharoda Kalan, around 6 PM inside the mess when the cop got wasted and inappropriately touched two women constables, who threatened him to apologize otherwise they would complain it to the higher authorities.

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After this incident, an hour later another woman constable complained that the cop stripped in front of her and started masturbating. The woman informed the police after which they reached on the spot. The investigation revealed that after being warned by the two women in the mess, the policeman returned to his room and drank more liquor. Later, he went to his terrace and stripped.

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Senior officers who reached the spot held an informal test identification parade during which the complainant identified the man. A senior police officer confirmed the news and said they are conducting a departmental inquiry.


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