Tweeple slams Railway after passenger finds dead lizard in Veg Biryani

Tweeple slams Railway after passenger finds dead lizard in Veg Biryani

Indian Railways has recently been under scrutiny after CAG reports which said that the food served in railways is not fit for human consumption. Apart from food, Railway was also slammed by the CAG for its poor time performance and dirty linens.

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The sorrow for railway passengers does not go down after a recent incident, where a dead lizard was found in the vegetable biryani of a passenger who was traveling in Poorva Express. Sadly, the passenger realized it later after eating half the portion of the food and started feeling ill.

The photo was posted online by a co-passenger named Meghna Sinha. The Railway Minister’s Twitter handle responded to the complaint soon enough and asked the passenger to share the PNR and other details.

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Quick action was taken by the Railway Ministry and the victim got the treatment accordingly at the next station.


Swift action was also taken against the caterers who were responsible for the incident.

But Twitter left no stone unturned when it comes to slamming Railways

Lizard Biryani in Poorva Express. Looks yummy and delicious 😊

— Mayanti Langer (@Langer_Mayanti) July 26, 2017

Traditional luck charm isn’t it?

Dead Lizard Served On Poorva Express In Veg Biryani

— Don Ferguson (@DFergPR) July 26, 2017

Saal me baaki mahine me khane me lizard nikalta to koi baat nahi thi lekin Savan ke mahine me dharm bharst karwa diya bechare ka…

— Kabira Snow (@adi_theDon) July 26, 2017



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