24 IAS along with 381 babus punished: Personnel Ministry to PM

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The performance of the administration is utmost important for good governance and its a matter of ‘perform or perish’ in the Modi government to make its workforce accountable, a senior Personnel Ministry official has said.

The ministry has taken harsh steps against 24 IAS officials and 381 civil services officers by premature retirement and cut in remuneration for ‘non-performance’ and their involvement in illegal activities said an official.

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These measures have been highlighted in a book which was presented to Prime Minister Modi “3 years of sustained HR initiatives: Foundation for a new India”.

The booklet says “To ensure accountability of bureaucracy, the government has made probity and performance the twin pillars on which good governance rests,”.

“These strict measures have gone a long way towards inculcating a sense of discipline and accountability in the bureaucracy and have sent a message to employees to either perform or perish while having a positive impact on the performing workforce,” the ministry said.

More than 11000 records of class A officers were reviewed along with 2953 IAS, IPS, and IFS officers. The ministry also had a look on records of 19000 class B officers to weed out the corrupt and non-performers of the lot.

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According to the ministry reports, 25 Group A officers, including one IAS and two IPS, and 99 Group B officers were prematurely retired by the government. 21 civil servants, including ten IAS officers, deemed to have resigned and cut in pension was imposed on 37 Group A officers that included five from the IAS.

In addition, 8 IAS officers and 199 Group A officers were penalized on their remuneration, according to the ministry.



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