India among top countries that exert positive influence

In a new Ipsos MORI poll with 18,000 respondents across 25 nations, Canada has topped the list of countries that most positively influence the globe with a whooping 81% rating. In a complete turn of events, USA has come down to 40% even below India (53%) and China (49%).

USA is just above Russia at 35%. United States that was once to be the beacon of freedom and democracy for the rest of the world, seems to have lost its spark. India at 53% is slowly increasing its foothold in the global forum.

Image : Statista

The US ‘approval’ rating has dropped by 24 percentage points since last year’s survey. Something to do with the new administration? Maybe.

Canada, Australia and Germany have topped the ratings and clearly exert positive influence globally with an 81%, 79% and 67% rating respectively.

In Europe, amid the Brexit chaos, both the EU and UK tie at 57% approval rating. While EU remains at the same spot as last year, the UK’s rating dropped by 10 points.

Israel and Iran are at the bottom of the ranking with only 32% and 21% of people respectively viewing their global influence in a positive light.

Ipsos MORI also asked about international organisations are when they are included in the results, it becomes clear that damage to reputation and thus influence is not confined to nation states.

Image: IPSOS Mori

While the United Nations ranks 4th, it has dropped 9 points since last year.

The World Bank and IMF have both experienced a 7 point drop in approval. While India has soared ahead of these organisations, its ratings have also dropped by 2%. India, IMF and World Bank bustill remain ahead of China and the United States.



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