Travel buffs must go on a journey with Google Expedition

Travel buffs must go on a journey with Google Expedition

Google never disappoints when it comes to innovation. It has been successful in facilitating travellers in various forms. This time they have íncreased the stake with an all new sci-fi’ type of VR (Virtual Reality) called ‘Expedition’ for educational purposes.

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Google expedition wants you to explore the world by just sitting at home and experience 600 location around different parts of the globe with the help of a Cardboard or Daydream handsets Via the Expeditions app in Android operating system.


“Self-guided Expeditions let anyone explore anywhere”, said a software engineer at Google. The location varies from Taj Mahal to Machu Pichu and even Empire State Building. The Google expedition can help young ones to experience various famous locations sitting at home without any physical hassle. Teachers can also assign homework to the students on the basis of VR expeditions and make it more interactive.


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