Govt to question Philip Morris on Marlboro marketing

The Indian government seeks an explanation from Philip Morris International Inc regarding its marketing practices for its Marlboro brand of cigarettes.

Marlboro cigarettes are advertised at tobacco shops as well as nightclubs and bars, which is in direct contravention of India’s Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act and its associated regulations. Advertising of any cigarette products, in the manner employed by Philip Morris is prohibited under the Act.

The government will be seeking a response from Philip Morris on this matter and will also be taking action as per law against violations of the Act. The government will also be directing state governments to take action against advertisements violating regulations.

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Philip Morris had recently lost a lawsuit against the Australian government, leading to Philip Morris being ordered to pay the legal fees of the Australian government, which is reported to be in millions of dollars. Philip Morris had sued the Australian government for their laws stipulating plain packaging on all cigarette packs. Philip Morris claimed that the law would lead to significant losses in profits.


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