Man booked under sedition for receiving ‘Anti-National’ whatsapp audio message

A 36-year-old man named Tadikala Akbar Saleem was arrested at Chennai airport on Saturday when he had gone to the Chennai International Airport to receive a relative from Gulf.

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The man was booked under sedition for receiving “anti-national” audio message on Whatsapp, according to the reports by the Indian Express.

“Saleem was waiting outside the airport to receive his friend arriving from the Gulf and was taken into custody after his friend was found carrying excess gold on arrival. During interrogation, air intelligence officials examined his (Saleem’s) cellphone and found an audio message. They referred the case to the airport police after finding the content of the message ‘anti-national”, said the police according to Indian Express.

After the investigation, the police found a voice message on Saleem’s phone which translated to an appeal for Muslims to gather at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar for a “show of strength.” However, no violence related message was found in the message.

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An FIR was registered against Saleem and he was later released after appearing in court, but the Chennai police will continue to investigate the matter, according to the reports.

Around 165 people have been charged with sedition in last three years, according to the Union government.


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