Indian students win ‘Best Engineering Designing Award’ at 1st Global Robotics Olympiad in US

Team India has made us proud at the 1st Global Robotics Olympiad in Washington, USA. These students from Mumbai won a gold for Zhang Heng Engineering Design Award and bronze for Global Challenge Match at the international robotics olympiad, according to reports.

Led by 15-year-old Rahesh who is also the youngest member of the group, others in the team were Aadiv Shah, team spokesperson; Harsh Bhatt, alliance strategist; Vatsin, alliance analyst; Adhyyan, robot tactician; Tejas, robot controller and Raghav, robot driver.

“Absolutely thrilled that we were able to live up to our promise. We had a lot of fun at the FIRST Global Challenge 2017,” the group said on its Facebook page.

The event had its ups and downs, with an all-girl team from Afghanistan being denied visas twice by the State Department. However, last minute intervention from US President Donald Trump, led to them arriving in time for the competition.

The Afghan team won the Rajaa Cherkaoui El Moursli award for courageous achievement. President’s daughter Ivanka Trump met them at the competition venue in the morning. “We are not terrorists. We are simple people with ideas. We need a chance to make our world better. This is our chance,” Alireza Mehraban, an Afghan software engineer who is the team’s mentor, was quoted saying by reports.

Mexico City would host the competition next year.


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