Did Congress land into a Chinese trap

Picture Courtesy: The RepublicTV

Amid news of Congress party‘s Vice President Rahul Gandhi meeting Chinese envoy, a picture has been obtained by NewsMobile Partner Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami‘s Republic TV in which Robert Vadra can be seen along with his wife Priyanka Vadra and Rahul Gandhi meeting the Chinese envoy.

The Congress party sources have provided the timeline about leaders making contact with the Chinese diplomat.

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Here is the Timeline:

September 2016: New envoy arrives in India

19 October 2016: Rahul Gandhi meets with Chinese envoy

7 November 2016: Anand Sharma meets Chinese envoy

19 January 2017: Rahul Gandhi meets with Chinese envoy

Later, it was learned that Robert Vadra was invited to the Taj Palace for a food fest by the Chinese Embassy, according to the reports.

At this juncture when a stand off is happening the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi shouldn’t have accepted the Chinese invite. Plus in the larger interest of transparency, he must disclose what were the deliberations, besides the pics of an earlier dinner meet with the Chinese envoy where his brother in law Robert was also present will only add to the embarrassment of the Congress scion.

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The Chinese are playing a clever game trying to convey that there is a lack of political unity in India, and that is the reason why they have sought frequent meetings. It is a Chinese trap that the Congress should have avoided at a juncture when our brave soldiers are having a face off with Beijing. We are also letting down our closest friend Bhutan which has been bullied by the Chinese and India is standing by our neighbour in this hour of need.


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