China moves troops, heavy military equipment to Tibet

According to a report published in the PLA Daily, China has moved military equipment, including army vehicles, and troops to Tibet in late June. The reports coincide with the early days of the border standoff in Doklam.

The military movement was carried out by the western theatre command and has been justified by the Chinese media publication as being part of a drill being carried out in Tibet. However, military commentators in China have observed that the troop movement could be in preparation to augment its diplomatic efforts to resolve the border dispute with India.

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The continued tensions between India and China has shown an increasing trend towards military conflict between the two sides. Earlier on Wednesday, the US State Department urged both sides to initiate dialogue with each other to foster peace in the region.

India remains steadfast in its justification to protect the sovereignty of India and Bhutan while China continues to assert that Indian troops have illegally crossed the India-China border into Chinese territory. China continues to state that only troop withdrawal from the Doklam area will resolve the standoff.


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