96 per cent Indians at risk while using Public Wi-Fi Networks

A report published by cybersecurity firm Symantec has revealed that 96 percent of Indians check bank accounts using public WiFi and put their personal information at risk by doing so.

The ‘Norton Wi-Fi Risk Report 2017’ by Symantec found that consumers are attracted to strong, free Wi-Fi networks and use these networks without taking the requisite precautions when using unsecured networks. Personal information such as bank details could easily be accessed by cybercriminals by taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of an unsecure network.

The report also finds that 75 per cent of Indians exchange access to something for a strong Wi-Fi network. These include watching a three minute ad (35 per cent), allowing access to emails (19 per cent), personal photographs (22 percent), online dating profiles (16 percent), contact lists (19 percent) and giving permission to access and even edit personal social media profiles (19 percent).

The lax nature of people with regard to internet security is a potential threat as malicious malware and ransomwares, such as the WannaCry and Petya viruses, have increased this year.


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