‘Troops waiting patiently, won’t do so indefinitely’: China to envoys on border standoff

As the border standoff at Doklam between India and China continues for another week, the Chinese government has briefed the envoys at Beijing that People’s Liberation Army troops are stationed in the Doklam area. It further stated that they are “waiting patiently but will not do so indefinitely.”

The latest briefing from the Chinese government indicates a worrying trend towards military conflict. The details of the briefing were shared by the diplomats with their Indian counterparts in Beijing and Bhutanese counterparts in India.

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China has previously threatened military action to resolve the border standoff while urging the Indian government to withdraw its troops from the area. The Indian government at the same time has sought for a diplomatic resolution to the standoff while also stressing that it is committed to protecting its own sovereignty as well as that of Bhutan, whose area is being threatened by Chinese construction activities in the area.


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