NewsMobile EXCLUSIVE: Sasikala’s jail diary on tape

DIG, D Roopa, AIADMK chief, V K Sasikala, Bengaluru central prison,
EXCLUSIVE: Sasikala's jail diary on tape

Amid DIG D Roopa was shunted out to the Road and Traffic Safety department for exposing AIADMK chief V K Sasikala being getting special treatment in the Bengaluru central prison, a video accessed by NewsMobile shows AIADMK interim general secretary VK Sasikala comfortably walking around in the prison wearing clothes other than prison uniform.

According to the second report accessed by NewsMobile partner Republic TV, filed by former DIG D Roopa, in which she has highlighted the special privileges given to Sasikala, says:

1. She has claimed that a special meeting room has been created for Sasikala, in which a revolving chair for her and 4 chairs and a table have been provided. A white curtain for privacy has also been provided.

2. Has asked why CCTV camera 8, which records visitors interaction with convicts, doesn’t have any video of Sasikala’s visitors. She says it’s because she has been given a place on the first floor.

3. Had asked for all videos on all CCTV cameras to be preserved and a written order to be given to officials to not delete them.

4. Not to destroy CCTV footage from camera 89, which records footage from Abdul Karim Telgi’s cell.

5. CCTV cameras to be installed inside or outside Sasikala’s cell.

6. Not to destroy evidence of special kitchen provided for Sasikala.

7. The video of Roopa’s visit to jail was shot on a prison camera and DIG Rao had.

instructed the SP not to provide it to Roopa. She asks for the evidence to be preserved.


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