Monsoon Session: Foreign intelligence operatives use manipulate call identity to access sensitive information

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During the Parliamentary session of the Lok Sabha, a question regarding the use of computer networks by Pakistani intelligence agencies to access sensitive information was presented to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, represented by Minister of State Hansraj Gangaram Ahir, replied that the government was aware of the illegally operated VoIP Exchanges in various parts of the country. The minister stated that “foreign intelligence operatives use spoofed/manipulated calling line identity (CLI) to access sensitive information,” and adding that the operatives use software to ensure that the phone number displayed is of Indian origin.

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In response to query into the measures taken by the government, the Ministry of Home Affairs stated that illegal telephone exchanges were recognized as an illegal activity by the government and that the field units of the Department of Telecom and the state police regularly performed vigilance functions to curb illegal activities in telecom.

The minister also iterated that public participation in preventing such telephone exchanges was also sought and a toll free number was also setup for this purpose. Additionally, telecom service providers have been instructed to create awareness among their respective customers.


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