World’s best Changi Airport to become even better with five-storey amusement park

The World’s best airport – Singapore’s Changi Airport is all set to open an all-new amusement park. It is supposed to contain a five-floor indoor garden, a hedge maze, simulated clouds, bouncing nets, a giant waterfall, and tube slides.

Award-winning Canadian-Israeli architect Moshe Safdi, best known for his complex in Montreal will be designing the airport that is scheduled to open in 2019. A net-like carpet is apparently going to be laid out for visitors, and a topiary walk with stuffed animals covering it. The garden is to have giant floral sculptures to add to the beauty.


The most significant attraction of the park is to be the Rain Vortex, a 131-foot waterfall

This amusement park will attract more passengers and customers, with layovers becoming more exciting and ample amount of space for children to play and adults to spend their time leisurely.

After its completion, Changi airport will be the world’s first air transit hub with its own on-site amusement park.


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