This venture aims to stop tons of organic garbage from flowing into the Yamuna

This venture aims to stops tons of organic garbage from flowing into the Yamuna

Clean India Ventures Private Limited (CIVL) has contributed immensely to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan with the help of its state of the art Green Waste Reprocessor Machine (GWRM).

“We wanted to be a part of the massive program launched by PM Modi and so we decided to get into the action by ourselves,” said 31-year-old Alok Gupta, Director, CIVL.

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While organic wastes do not sound as harmful as plastic, but it significantly contributes to the heaps of garbage that can be seen piled up in the big cities. Burning organic garbage produces methane which is 20% more dangerous than CO2 in for the atmosphere.

GWRM manufactured by Clean India Ventures reprocesses all types of organic matter into compost at the source of waste generation.

The machine is the brainchild of Alok and environ-prenuer Manoj Pathak who was trying to develop the prototype to deal with the garbage. The duo managed to create GWRM, unfortunately, Manoj suffered a heart attack a year and a half ago, leaving CIVL with his project.

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The main aim of CIVL was to commercialize the use of GWRM to help people dispose the organic garbage to the nearest vicinity without the hassle of transportation and land fills. The machine can be installed at several places like vegetable markets, temples or crowded places. It converts various capacities of waste, ranging from 100 kg to 5 tons, per day.

CIVL has managed to install GWRM at 8 locations until now and looking forward to install 100 more in next couple of years.



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